Britney Spears tells how she burned down her gym with some candles


Britney Spears confesses to burning down the gym inside her home. Spears claims no one was injured after the event. Six months after the event, the singer tells it on social networks.

“I burned it,” that’s how she starts her post on Instagram. “It was an accident… but, yeah, I burned it,” she explains. “I walked through the door of the gym and the flames, BOOM! Thank God the alarm went off and no one was hurt,” she writes in the post.

Britney Spears

Spears goes on to explain the wreckage that remains after the terrible event. Among the highlights are a single-sided mirror and two pieces of his equipment. “Now I only have two machines left from my team, and a one-sided mirror,” he continues. The fact is that the event took place thanks to some candles that were in the place: “I had some candles… and yes, one thing led to another, and I reduced it to ashes”.

Although she likes outdoor exercise more and, after the fire, she makes it clear. “I prefer to exercise outside anyway,” she says. She also explains in the video why she has gone six months without having her gym as it needed a makeover after the fire


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