Boris Johnson names his son after the doctors who “saved his life” from the coronavirus


Boris Johnson’s sixth child will be named after the doctors who treated the British Prime Minister during his admission to hospital after he became infected with the coronavirus.

This has been announced by the boy’s mother and Johnson’s fiancée, Carrie Symonds. The little boy’s name is Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas. Wilfred is the name of the prime minister’s grandfather, while Lawrie is the name of Carrie Symonds’ grandfather.

Nicholas’s name is a tribute from the head of government and his fiancée to the two doctors who treated Johnson, who are called Nick Price and Nick Hart, and who “saved his life” according to Carrie Symonds.

Boris Johnson, 55, recently returned to Downing Street after overcoming the coronavirus and related quarantine.

Carrie Symonds has expressed her gratitude for the treatment she received at University College London Hospital, where little Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas was born.


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