United Kingdom exceeds 28,000 deaths from coronavirus


The UK recorded 621 deaths from the coronavirus on Saturday, bringing the death toll to 28,131, making the country the second most affected in Europe, behind Italy.

While several European countries have already advanced their plans to de-escalate the measures against the pandemic, the United Kingdom maintains its restrictions, and will wait until next week to detail “phase two” of its strategy against COVID-19.


The UK government reported that 4,086 new cases have been detected in 24 hours from 105,937 tests. For the second consecutive day, the Executive has carried out more than 100,000 diagnostic tests in one day, the objective it had set itself in April.

The Government has been criticized in recent hours for having included in those data thousands of kits sent to homes and residences that have been counted even though they have not yet been processed. “The tests are counted only once. We can do it when we send them, or when we receive them back, but either way we have met the target,” said the coordinator of the testing programme for the Executive COVID-19, John Newton.


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