Xiaomi admits that its browsers collect information even in Incognito mode, now you can disable that behavior


A few days ago, Forbes published a report that found that native browsers on Xiaomi mobiles were constantly collecting information, even when we were using them in “incognito mode” which should theoretically not save cookies, passwords or history.

Xiaomi has admitted that its browsers do collect information, but defends itself by pointing out that it is a “common solution” that can improve the user experience for various products. They have already taken steps, however, and now include an option in these browsers for users to disable data collection.

Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi has gone one step further to try to minimize the controversy, and has released an update to its Mint Browser and My Browser that “will include an incognito mode option for all users of both browsers to enable or disable aggregate data collection.

My Browser and My Browser Pro versions v12.1.4 and Mint Browser v3.4.3 are now available and users can access them in Google Play to update them and access that new privacy option. Please note that browsers will continue to collect data in normal mode, and that data collection can only be turned off in incognito mode.

Of course, you can install Firefox or Opera and forget all about this aticle. 😉


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