“Covidiots” the term coined in the USA for those who do not respect the rules and put others at risk


On Monday, a park in Florida closed again, only five days after it reopened, when it was found that people came to walk and play sports en masse and without masks. The local press used the word ‘covidiots’ in the headlines to refer to the unwary who put each other at risk.

English is one of the most versatile languages, capable of inventing terms for every social phenomenon, and this has happened with the expression ‘covidiots’ that the media and the general population use to describe people who put others at risk of coronavirus because they do not comply with the rules.


As in Miami (Florida), in other parts of the United States the media also use the same term, a neologism, to describe above all uncivic people who during these days do not comply with ‘social distancing’, go without a mask when it is mandatory or do not comply with any other rule established to achieve control of the pandemic.

The word has been used, for example, in information about the bizarre measures of some municipalities to stop parties in parks in Sweden. The media headline is: “Swedish city covers park with chicken faeces to prevent ‘covidiots’ from having their parties”. Or to describe a client from Kentucky (USA) who blew a hole in her mask to be able to breathe better, as reported by the Daily Mail.


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