The trial in Germany for the Loveparade tragedy ends without a verdict


The Provincial Court of Duisburg (western Germany) announced on Monday the suspension of the proceedings against three defendants in the 2010 tragedy at the Loveparade, a massive open-air festival in which 21 young people died in a human avalanche and more than 650 were injured.

This concludes without a sentence and after 184 sessions one of the most expensive trials – around five million euros – since the end of World War II; the rent for the room alone in the Düsseldorf congress centre to which the trial had to be moved for space reasons has cost around 25,000 euros per session.

The court had proposed in early April to suspend the proceedings, among other reasons, because of the difficulty of holding hearings due to the danger of infection by the coronavirus, in addition to which many of those involved in the trial belong to the risk group.

If he wanted to continue with the trial, a considerable extension of time would have to be calculated, which in turn would make it impossible to pass sentence until 27 July this year, when the statute of limitations expires, he said at the time.


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