Boris Johnson’s scientific advisor resigns for breaking coronavirus confinement


Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist at Imperial College London whose analysis and research was key to tightening up measures against the Covid-19 coronavirus in the UK, has resigned as an adviser to the British government after breaking the rules of containment, Downing Street reported.

A British newspaper today revealed that the researcher, a specialist in the spread of disease in humans and animals, broke the rules of social distance by allowing a woman to travel across London at least twice to meet at his home.

The alleged lover, 38-year-old Antonia Staats, crossed the English capital to meet at least twice with the epidemiologist, better known as “Professor Quarantine” by the British press. Neil Ferguson had finished his two-week isolation after testing positive for Covid-19 coronavirus. Boris Johnson himself, the British Prime Minister, was admitted for coronavirus. The scientist has apologized and resigned for his behavior.

“I accept that I made an error in judgment and took the wrong course of action. That is why I have taken a step back from my work at SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies),” the 51-year-old mathematician and epidemiologist said in a statement.


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