How will the fashion shows be done from now on?


Since the coronavirus appeared in our lives, everything has changed. We’ve been homebound for the first time. For the first time, we have had time for ourselves, to give ourselves those natural masks at home, to read that longed-for book, to spend time as a couple, or to do more exercise routines. It is true, we have lost freedom, normality and the desire to embrace our loved ones, but we are getting closer to achieving it.

Fashion show

Although we are in a de-escalation phase, most fashion brands are starting to think about how to deal with store re-openings, and of course with fashion shows. Luxury firms like Giorgio Armani have already announced that the men’s and women’s collections will be presented in September 2020 in Milan. The Armani Privé fashion show will be postponed until January 2021 and will be held in Milan at the headquarters located in the historic Palazzo Orsini in Via Borgonuovo. The collection will not be in season, so it will include garments suitable for winter and lighter pieces for summer. However, it is not yet known how it will be done on those dates.

One of the possible ways they are looking at doing the shows at least in the summer will be online. In Milan, the Camara della Moda has confirmed that they intend to hold the fashion shows virtually in the summer, although dates are still pending due to the fact that clothes-making has been paralyzed during these months. With this initiative, the Camara della Moda will turn the Milan Fashion Week into the second fashion show to be held online if it takes place. At the end of March, the Shanghai Fashion Week broadcast its event virtually by Alibaba. Will we also see the fashion shows in September like this?


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