Laptops with an Intel processor will be traceable in case of loss with Tile


Forgetting where you last left your laptop is not an uncommon occurrence. Neither is leaving it at home when you leave in a hurry and don’t carry it in a backpack, but trust that it is in your suitcase along with your clothes and other belongings. For this reason (and possibly also because it now has more competition than ever), Intel has announced an agreement with Tile to incorporate its location technology.


Tile, for those who don’t know it, is a company that offers location tags based on Bluetooth technology. These small devices have been designed to be attached to computers, cameras, phones, key chains and other easily lost objects. When the user wants to find them, he can activate an audible alarm from his mobile phone so that it beeps or search on a map for the last time he was separated from it.

Another interesting feature of Tile is the search for lost objects through the user community. When this feature is activated, the application indicates to the rest of the Tile users in the area that there is a tag emitting a search signal. This is an invisible communication to the community to prevent theft. When a person with the application connects with the tag, the application sends a warning to its owner with the location of the object.


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