Karlie Kloss reveals in a 10-minute video the workout of the supermodels


Karlie Kloss has made the most generous gesture to us that a supermodel in her category has been able to have this coronavirus quarantine. The American has revealed to us (finally) how she and her fellow professionals train to look like the guy they show off on the catwalk. And she’s done it just in time for us to practice at home before the confinement ends.

Karlie Kloss has uploaded the 13-minute video we showed you above to her Youtube profile. In it, she shows us a home workout routine without the need for material that can be done, she says, once, twice or three times depending on our mood. The exercises included in this routine are:

  • Squats for a minute: make sure your knees don’t go over your toes and keep your weight on your heels
  • Push ups for one minute: you can support your knees but keep your body straight
  • Climber for a minute: make sure your shoulders are aligned with your wrists and don’t lift your buttocks too high towards the ceiling, keep tension on your abdomen
  • Scissors for one minute, alternating knees: try to bring your leg as back as possible and keep your spine straight. If you lose your balance, return to the center and regain your posture before continuing.
  • Hip lifts for a minute: to work on your buttocks, compress them when you go up and never rest your lower back on the floor if you have not finished. Do not lift your scapulas and keep your neck relaxed to avoid injuries.
  • Isometric abdominal for one minute in the boat position: in this position, relax your neck and focus your attention on balance and breathing. It will help you keep your shoulders relaxed.
  • Lateral lunges for one minute: we do 30 seconds on one side and 30 on the other. It is important that your spine is straight so carry your neck well back.
  • Brupees for a minute: Karlie Kloss’s trainer offers several options in this exercise so that you can do the one that interests you the most depending on your level and how used to exercising, but the important thing is that in any of the variables you keep your abdomen in tension.

If you want, you can repeat the routine two or three times. Are you ready to get in shape this summer? It will be the best of our lives!


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