Boris Johnson presents his coronavirus de-escalation plan to critics for lack of worker protection


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday presented his three-phase plan to deal with the de-escalation of the coronavirus, but broke the consensus that had existed to date to deal with the COVID-19, as the opposition understood that the conservative leader was sending a contradictory message to the workers who would have to return to their jobs on Wednesday.

Boris Johnson at the Parliament

Johnson “actively encourages” employees in sectors such as construction and manufacturing to return to work this Wednesday, a plan he had already revealed Sunday night in a speech to the nation.

Conservative Congressman Steve Baker, who last year led the Tory faction in favor of a tough Brexit, has criticized Johnson’s message for changing the slogan ‘Stay at Home’ to ‘Stay alert’, saying it adds confusion about how citizens should act.

Johnson, for his part, tried to clarify what is being asked of the British: “Stay home if you can, but go to work if you must,” he said.

The UK’s statistics office has revealed that the least skilled workers are the ones who will be most exposed to the coronavirus from Wednesday.


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