5 dumbbell exercises at home: key points for not hurting your back


Dumbbells are a key instrument for home training with a little weight. Being more accessible than a pack of weights, they offer that extra bit of demand for exercises that can be more simple or directly as a work tool. From  we selected a series of exercises to do at home.

Cat on dumbbell

The positive part of the dumbbells is that in the absence of them, you can find other objects as an alternative, such as water bottles, boxes of these to vary the weight, books or bricks.

  1. This type of squat is so called because you hold the dumbbell like a glass and it is perfect for those who are getting started in this particular type of exercise. Thus, the dumbbell should be held at chest level, keeping the trunk straight and the shoulders open to avoid back injuries. This can be done with either one or two dumbbells. If you notice that your back and/or shoulders are arching, you will have to reduce the weight.
  2. Lying on your back on the floor, simulating a bench, with a dumbbell in one hand, the exercise simply consists of raising both arms and lowering them. To avoid injury, when lowering your arms it is key not to keep your wrists straight and to twist your wrists a little towards the outside.
  3. The shoulder press exercise with dumbbells can be performed both standing and sitting. Simply place your shoulders in a straight line from elbow to elbow with the dumbbells at head height and your arms at a 90º angle. From that height it consists of raising and lowering the arms without ever lowering the elbows from shoulder height. For beginners, the seated variant will be easier.
  4. This exercise is perfect for complementing with push-ups or bench presses. With one knee and the same arm resting on a bench or a pair of chairs, you will take the dumbbell with the other arm, raising it to your chest and lowering it until your arm is stretched. It is important to perform the movements slowly in order to exercise the muscle well.
  5. This is a somewhat more demanding exercise. In a bending position and with your legs wider apart, you will rest your arms on each dumbbell. Then, alternatively, you will raise one arm and then the other, up to chest height.


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