Four healthy habits you can practice every morning


The way we start the day can condition the rest of the day. You will need to get up a few minutes early but if that seems too difficult to put into practice, look at it this way: go to bed ten minutes early so you don’t lose any sleep.

These four tips are so simple that it will be very easy to integrate them into your routine.

  1. Drink water: a glass of water of about 250 milliliters is one way to rehydrate yourself after a night’s sleep.
  2. Take a walk: a short five-minute walk in the morning will help reactivate the circulatory system and bring oxygen to the whole body. During that walk try to list five things you are grateful for.
  3. Do meditation: doing a short session of yoga, even if it is only 5 minutes, or just spending that time in meditation will clear your mind before you start your day.
  4. Eat protein at breakfast: it will give you energy and keep you fuller for longer, as the digestive system takes longer to process it than the sugar and carbohydrates we normally take in the morning.

The day is yours!

Walking sunrise


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