Study shows coronavirus also affects kidneys, heart and brain


The coronavirus can also affect cells in the kidneys, heart and brain, according to a study by Hamburg Eppendorf University Hospital. After about 30 autopsies, it has been shown that the virus does not only attack the lungs of infected people.

“The virus is not only a virus that attacks the lungs, it is a multiorganic virus,” said Tobias Huber, director of the study. He explained that the organ most affected by the coronavirus after the lungs are the kidneys: “sometimes it produces a total collapse”.


The results indicate that when the coronavirus turns into a multiorgan disease, it is not only due to an excessive reaction of the immune system that attacks its own tissues, but it is also due to the direct damage that the covid causes in vital organs.

Most of the patients who have been analyzed have shown abnormalities in their urine and organ failure has been recorded in 50 percent of the patients, according to the study.

At least four autopsies performed in Berlin have revealed sepsis related to pneumonia, while five others show lung and heart failure. In all of these cases, the cause of death was the coronavirus.


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