The US will once again fund the WHO, but only with the same amount as China


The president of the United States, Donald Trump, is finalizing preparations to partially restore his contribution to the World Health Organization (WHO) after a month of suspension after denouncing that the UN agency, in collusion with the Chinese government, had disregarded the magnitude of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic that is devastating the planet.

World Health Organization headquarters

To this end, the White House has drafted a letter to the Director-General of the WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in which he promises to resume his contribution, but only in the same amount as China, that is to say, one tenth of the 400 million dollars per year that Washington was allocating until the suspension.

“Despite its shortcomings, I believe the WHO still has tremendous potential, and I want to see it live up to that potential, particularly now during this global crisis,” according to the draft letter, which was picked up by the US-based Fox News and verified by White House sources.

“That is why I have decided that the United States will continue to collaborate and work with the WHO. China has a massive debt to the entire world, and can start by paying its fair share to the WHO. If China increases its funding we will consider matching those increases,” the letter adds.


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