Smells that your dog hates and that you should avoid in your house


Smell is the dog’s most developed sense, well above sight. Compared to humans, the dog’s sense of smell is between 10 000 and 100 000 times more powerful. The dog’s sense of smell has between 150 and 300 million olfactory cells while the human’s “only” 5 million. In addition, the area of the brain responsible for analysing odours (pyriform lobe) is 40 times larger in dogs than in humans. In the case of dogs, this lobe is close to the area of the brain that deals with long-term memory. This is why dogs more easily remember a smell from long ago and recognize us more by our smell than by our image. Dogs smell things, people and the environment and then, with their eyes, they confirm what they have caught. This ability is known as visual olfaction. Their prodigious nose has led them to be used in the detection of drugs and explosives and in the search for people in disaster situations.

Dog nose

However, their high-tech sense is not always a source of profit for them. We mean that smells that for us humans are “strong” or annoying, for them are almost unbearable. After all we’ve told you, how do you think your furry friend perceives the smell of bleach and ammonia when it’s present while you’re cleaning at home? Indeed, like a bomb.

For all these reasons, our recommendation is that if you are going to use products with powerful smells, someone from the family should take the dog for a walk or if this is not possible, take him to the farthest room in the house. As for the cosmetic items, do not apply them near him.

Antibacterial hand gel

The alcohol content of this product, so fashionable now because of the coronavirus, is extremely distasteful to dogs.


If you think that bleach smells “fishy”, imagine your dog, which has a nose 10,000 to 100,000 times more powerful than yours. If you are going to clean the house with this product, have someone take the dog for a walk in the meantime, and if that is not possible, take him to the farthest room.


In addition to not withstanding its smell, naphthalene irritates dogs’ airways and can also be very dangerous to their health if ingested.

Nail polish remover

What bothers the dogs at the nail polish remover most is the smell of acetone. So if you’re going to use this product, opt for one that doesn’t have acetone in it or do it away from the pet.


Sulfur, besides not liking it at all, is very dangerous for them. That is why it must not be used under any circumstances to drive them away, never.


Inhaling ammonia can irritate the airways and esophagus of our furry friends.


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