British schools disregard Boris Johnson and refuse to open after 2,615 new infections in one day


The number of deaths from Covid-19 in the UK reached 36,042 on Thursday, after 338 deaths were added to the official count, on a day when 2,615 new infections were reported.

Across the country, 128,340 tests were carried out in 24 hours, while England maintains its plans to reduce confinement from June 1, and Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are working on their own de-escalation roadmaps.

Kids in school

Hundreds of English schools have warned that they will not follow the recommendations of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Executive and will keep their doors closed in early June for fear that adequate security measures cannot be enforced and there will be outbreaks of the coronavirus.

In Scotland, the region’s chief minister, nationalist Nicola Sturgeon, said on Thursday that schools would be reopened from 11 August, with a mixed system of classroom and home learning.


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