Facebook announces Workplace Rooms, its version of video calls for workgroups


It’s been a month since Facebook announced Messenger Rooms, its video calling system that seeks to compete with Zoom, and that integrates with the rest of its ecosystem. And now, following the same line, it presents Workplace Rooms for video calls in a work environment.

So its new initiative Rooms will now boost its Workplace service with video call rooms for work teams, in clear competition with Zoom and Slack.

Facebook Workplace Rooms
Facebook presents Workplace Rooms for video calls in a work environment

The features are similar to Messenger Rooms. It allows video calls of up to 50 people, there is no time limit on the duration of meetings and it is not a requirement that participants have a Workplace account.

The dynamics of making video calls using Workplace Rooms is very simple. The process can be initiated from different sections, either from Workplace Chat, the news section, groups, among others, by creating a video call link. These links can be shared by any means, such as messaging apps, email, etc. A methodology that will facilitate the creation of video calls for meetings with clients, suppliers or different work teams.

This proposal has some features designed with security in mind, for example, each video call link has an expiration date to avoid problems, there are moderation options to eliminate uninvited attendees and the possibility to block the room if you want to keep a meeting closed.

The rest of the features are designed to make team meetings easier, so we’ll look at screen sharing features, among other possibilities.


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