Mass protests and clashes in Hong Kong return in response to Chinese security law


The security law is a regulation introduced by the Beijing authorities and designed to prosecute any activity linked to sedition, secession or terrorism, which also vetoes any attempt at “foreign interference” in the former British colony, according to the initial text.

Despite the fact that the territory’s top local official, Chief Executive Carrie Lam, has promised that this law will not undermine the partial independence that Hong Kong enjoys, opponents have understood it as a new act of submission to the central authorities after the frustrated extradition law that last year generated the largest demonstrations seen in the territory’s recent history.

After the hiatus opened by the coronavirus epidemic, tension has finally spilled over into the streets of this commercial area of Hong Kong, where police have launched tear gas and used water cannons to disperse the demonstrators.

The protesters spread out to the Wan Chai district and blocked several streets until the police waved their traditional blue flags to warn of an imminent charge, which finally happened.

The charge dispersed several groups of demonstrators, all dressed in black, who moments before were shouting “Free Hong Kong” and “A revolution of our time”. Others shouted “Hong Kong independence is the only way”.


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