Warface Breakout, a spin-off of Warface in the form of a tactical shooter for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One


Surprisingly, publisher My.Games has announced and released Warface Breakout, a spin-off of the free-to-play game Warface that aims to offer a classic competitive shooter experience in the style of Counter-Strike. The title has been developed by Russian studio Allods Team (Skyforge) and its standard edition is sold through PS4 and Xbox One digital stores.

Warface Breakout is presented as a tactical shooter that places the player in the middle of a conflict between two elite mercenary units: the Guardians and the Reapers. Clashes between the two groups take place over five different maps, with 30 weapons and several customization options. “Breakout is inspired by the classic FPS games and introduces the weapon shop mechanics that allows you to customize equipment throughout the game,” says the Allods Team.

Currently Warface Breakout offers Search and Destroy mode where two rival teams of five players each must place or defuse a bomb. Throughout the game, credits are earned by eliminating opponents and completing objectives (such as winning rounds and defusing or planting the bomb). With this money you can go to the shop to buy weapons and tactical equipment at the start of each game. Both groups of mercenaries have their own set of weapons.

When looking for Warface Breakout games, it features Casual and Hardcore modes. In Casual Mode, friendly fire is disabled, battles are shorter, armor is automatically reset at the beginning of each round and the winner is the one who reaches 8 wins. In Hardcore mode friendly fire is activated, armor must be purchased and the first to take 12 rounds wins. In case you leave a hardcore game you will receive a 30 minute penalty for the pairing queue.

The development team claims that behind this simple approach lies “a unique gameplay combination depending on the tactics you use”. Now that Warface Breakout is available Allods Team’s commitment is to release free season content updates with new challenges and rewards.


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