Italy to investigate Government members for coronavirus management


The public prosecutor’s office of the city of Bergamo, epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic in Italy, will investigate members of the government for the management of the coronavirus health crisis. Giuseppe Conte, the country’s Prime Minister, will be one of those questioned as part of the investigation.

The prosecutor’s office will have “informed people”, without being accused of anything, in order to draw conclusions. In addition to Conte, Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese or the head of the Health Department, Roberto Speranza, could testify in the context of the health management, according to the local media.

The investigation will focus on knowing the motivations of the Italian executive to not decree the isolation of the red areas of the municipalities of Nembro and Alzano Lombrado, two of the regions most affected by the coronavirus.

Members of victims’ groups, specifically from ‘Noi denunceremo’ (we will denounce), have already testified this Wednesday and denounced that the government took too long to isolate both villages. This measure did not take place until March 8, only two days before the isolation in all of Italy.


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