SEO tips for real estate agents


If we take into account the characteristics of the sector, and the needs of the clients, a series of advice can be established to increase the visits to the web and, once inside, favour the time of permanence. Think that it is a useless effort to organize a huge website collecting a huge amount of real estate data if we do not later get potential customers to enter our website and receive that same information. Perhaps the following SEO tips can help you.

The visual factor is fundamental

Anyone looking for real estate information wants facts. Therefore, images are very necessary in this type of web pages, and SEO can be applied to them too!

Don’t forget to optimize the images, with optimal sizes and weights, and to include the keywords and longtails in their descriptions and alt texts. And if you have videos you can also include them, but, as with the images, their quality and optimization must prevail above all.

Real estate agent and house

The user experience is the basis of a website

Real estate websites are a service by and for the client. Therefore, offering the best user experience must be one of the main objectives. Achieving the satisfaction of the public’s navigation will improve the time spent on the site, and will position you as a good option for future visits.

Another key aspect is to offer a responsive web design. An accessible and quality web from any device.

Local SEO for real estate

For all those real estate agencies with a physical office, which provide their services in a specific area, local positioning will be crucial to gain online visibility. Faced with such a competitive market, the proximity factor ends up being a great benefit.

In fact, 46% of Google searches correspond to local information. Thus, the ideal would be to create a positioning strategy seo for real estate agencies halfway between local SEO and SEO of general interest.

And how can you start? Create and optimize a Google My Business account for your business, where you can include your keywords with a local factor, add valuable information about your business, or encourage reviews with your clients. And you can also do local SEO on WordPress!


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