Coronavirus pandemic now over eight million affected, leaving nearly 437,000 deaths


The new coronavirus pandemic that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan has already left more than eight million people infected and nearly 437,000 dead worldwide, according to the latest assessment by Johns Hopkins University.

According to the data updated at 07:00 this Tuesday, the global balance of the coronavirus amounts to 8,034,461 cases and 436,899 deaths in 188 countries and territories.

The total number of people recovered exceeds 3.84 million with the United States leading the list with 576,334 patients cured, followed by Brazil with 477,709 and Russia with 284,021.

The United States is by far the country most affected by the pandemic worldwide, with 2.11 million people having contracted the new coronavirus disease and 116,125 fatalities, much of it in New York State.

Brazil is second on the list, both in number of cases, 888,271, and in fatalities, 43,959. Russia is third, with 536,484 positive cases, and is the thirteenth country in terms of deaths, with 7,081.

The United Kingdom is the third country with the most deaths, 41,821, but the fifth in terms of contagion, 298,315, behind India, with 332,424 cases and 9,900 deaths recorded.


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