Sweden, from no lockdown to the higher number of deaths from coronavirus


Sweden was a country that was scrutinized because it tackled the coronavirus pandemic with a strategy of not forcing confinement and is now known to be among the top 10 countries with the most deaths per capita in the world. In fact, with this Sunday’s data updated throughout Europe, it has become the second most infected country on the continent, only behind Luxembourg.

Sweden has thus overtaken Belgium, Spain and Italy. It has 550 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. The two countries that report the most positives these days, Sweden and the United Kingdom, are precisely the two that bet at the beginning that the population would be immunized.

Another alarming fact comes from Germany. In just 48 hours, the reproduction rate of the coronavirus has tripled to 2.88, when less than one is needed to contain the epidemic. The blame lies with the three outbreaks recorded in that country, especially in a meat company. Residents of the area around that plant will be tested for PCR, but will not be confined for now.

Meanwhile, the local authorities have asked for help in testing the more than 5,000 workers and have requested the support of the army, after NGOs, including the Red Cross, refused to collaborate further. In fact, this work is being complicated by the fact that there is no data on the home address of 30 per cent of the staff. It is feared that some of the factory’s employees, mostly Romanians and Poles, have left for their own countries to avoid quarantine.


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