Dozens of Islamists infiltrate the French police


Among the 150,000 French police there are several dozen radicalized Muslims, who a special service is trying to “detect” and “neutralize”.

At the beginning of October 2019, France discovered that in the heart of the state police force, the Prefecture of Paris, there was a fanatical Muslim official who had carried out a spectacular attack that cost the lives of three policemen and an administrative officer, seriously injuring several people.

Gendarmerie France

The jihadist attack on 3 October last, in the Prefecture of Paris, 300 metres from Notre Dame Cathedral, highlighted a very serious risk to national security: fundamentalist Muslims working as civil servants in the heart of the State. Six months ago, the General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN, the “police of police”) acknowledged that some twenty of the 45,000 officials working in the Prefecture and its very different departments in the Paris region were suspected of “radicalism”.

Seven months later, several dozen infiltrators, potential jihadists, are suspected among the 150,000 French police. Infiltrators who, in many cases, may have access to documents, files and information that is sensitive to national security. Officially, IGPN specialists attempt to trace traces, indications, of a very diverse nature: improper consultation of police archives; sectarian behaviour; proselytising of various kinds; frequenting places of worship

In the last six months, several suspected radicalizers have been discovered, removed or fired. The underlying risk is very simple and brutal: the existence of investigated Muslims who manage to “miraculously” escape the ongoing checks and monitoring.


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