Uncontrolled and crowded British beaches despite coronavirus


Great Britain is a country where there are more than a thousand daily infections of coronavirus. Despite these alarming figures, the British ignore health recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus. A heat wave has caused thousands of people to flock to the beaches where there have been crowds. They are not wearing masks, they are not keeping a social distance, and they are disregarding the recommendations of the police.

Crwded bristsh beach
Crowds on British beaches without keeping a safe distance or wearing a mask. A heat wave has caused thousands of British people to go to sea without respecting the measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

On the beaches of Bournemouth in southern Britain, thousands of umbrellas and towels invaded the sand. In the picture you can see that it is impossible to respect the meter and a half distance recommended by the health crisis.

The shore and water are also crowded with bathers who escape to the sea, to beaches that are less than an hour by train from the capital.

Despite the fact that the police and the emergency services are trying, with a loudspeaker in hand, to remind people of the seriousness of the situation, the protection measures and hygiene, very few people pay attention to the recommendations and leave the beach.


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