Australia on high alert after another surge in coronavirus infections


The increase in cases of coronavirus is of great concern to Australian authorities. So much so, that they have declared a state of high alert in Victoria. The Australian state has been experiencing more than a week of more than 200 daily coronavirus positives. The main sources of infection are hospitals, schools, nursing homes and supermarkets

In addition, Melbourne city dwellers have been confined for almost a week. But not even these measures can bring down the number of infections in Australia

These are currently the remaining outbreaks of coronavirus

In addition to Australia, the situation is also worse in the United States. This is where a quarter of the world’s coronavirus infections are concentrated today. But far from declining, the numbers are still breaking records. A total of 66,000 new positive cases have been reported in recent hours. This has not prevented the reopening of two well-known Disney parks.

India, for its part, is the third country in the world with the highest number of infections. In the last few hours the Asian country has reported more than 28,000 new cases of coronavirus and 550 deaths.

In Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro has accused the Colombian government of exporting people infected with COVID-19. He says that a third of the infected Venezuelans have returned to the country thanks to mafias, and that none has passed controls or quarantine.

In Mexico, the remains of 250 compatriots who were killed by the coronavirus in the United States are being received with honors. But the U.S. has an added problem to that of the pandemic. 16 million Mexicans have fallen into extreme poverty in the wake of this health crisis.


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