New Google course to learn how to program Android apps from scratch


If you still have to learn how to program applications for Android, you’ll be interested in Google’s new educational program.

Google gives you a new opportunity to learn how to program from scratch and for free. You just need to make space in your agenda and be constant to follow the whole study program.

Android Basics in Kotlin is the name of this Google course to learn at your own pace the basics of programming using Kotlin. At the moment, only the first unit is available, but the complete program is composed of 5 modules.

Following the same style as the rest of the Google courses, this new proposal combines many activities, videos and exercises so that you can put into practice the concepts you learn in the lessons. And of course, a fundamental requirement to participate in the course is to have a computer with Android Studio installed to do all the practices.

If you want to keep track of your performance or follow up on the lessons you pass, you’ll need to sign in with your Google account. The same applies if you want to get the course badges every time you finish a session of the program.


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