The best gadgets for regular surfers


When it comes to surfing, the essential thing is to have gadgets that are practical and comfortable to wear. Since we will be in the water for many hours, and the less belongings we leave on the beach, the better.

Of course, you can find many that are supposed to be better but surely the price they ask for them will not translate into the satisfaction they will give you. As in all hobbies, the limit of expenditure (and foolishness) is infinite. As in everything in life, it is also important not to lose your mind while buying surf gear online. Here are some of these elements that will be very useful and are not intended for mega-professionals with millionaire sponsors. Maybe you already know some or have heard of them, or even already have them.

Casio Sport Watch

It is waterproof, water resistant up to 50 meters, which makes it perfect to use while surfing. Its LED screen lights up at night and fits snugly around your wrist, with a black resin band and adjustable clip, ideal for you to never lose it and keep track of time even between waves.


Aquapac Keymaster

A 100% waterproof case with an IPX8 rating, for carrying your cell phone, money or keys while you surf. Can be submerged to 5 meters

Lume Cube led light

It serves the function of a flashlight but is very small in size. This mini gadget emits a powerful waterproof LED light that will serve to illuminate if you want to surf until the night comes. You can connect it to your camcorder, drone or GoPro and still light up your sessions. A simple but functional gadget.

Cript Cases Cover

It is a hard case to safely transport 2 to 3 surfboards. It protects them from scratches and bumps that they may suffer in a van, during a move, at the airport or during the trip by plane.


Contrary to what you’ll be told in dozens of articles, for us the sports camera is a perfectly expendable gadget and now we’re going to explain why.
When you watch other people’s surfing videos you feel the overwhelming desire to buy a GoPro (or similar camera of any brand), however, those videos last from two minutes to half an hour, at most. Now think of the amount of material you could produce during a week of surfing on the beach, thirty hours? To turn those thirty hours into three minutes, you’ll have to spend a lot of time learning how to use video editing software, and once you’ve got it under control, you’ll have to sit for hours and hours editing and trimming the material until you have a clip ready to upload to Youtube.
Our recommendation is that you spend all that time surfing, chatting with other surfers around a pina colada or resting. Once in a while, though, ask a friend for the GoPro to record a pirouette or an achievement you want to leave for immortality … and then they’ll give you the video.

These are just some of the gadgets we have selected for you, the list is extensive and there are practical items for all tastes and needs. What about you? What gadgets do you wear while surfing?


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