Cuties, Netflix’s controversial new film accused of inciting paedophilia


One way or another, Netflix ends up managing to incite controversy around the products they launch on their platform, regardless of their theme. This time, however, it’s quite serious, as many people have caused a stir on the networks with Cuties, the new film to be launched on the platform in September, which they accuse of inciting paedophilia.

Directed by Maïmouna Doucouré and starring Maïmouna Gueye, Fathia Youssouf Abdillahi, Demba Diaw, Medina El Aidi, Esther Gohourou, Ilanah Cami-Goursolas and Myriam Hamma, the film revolves around Amy, an 11-year-old girl who is fascinated by a girls’ dance group and wants to join them, even if it means challenging her family’s religious beliefs.

Cuties, the new film to be launched on the platform in September, accused of inciting paedophilia

The film Cuties doesn’t seem to be very controversial at first. However, there has been a lot of commotion on the networks because originally the Netflix synopsis focused more on the sensual realm, considering that girls are being sexualized as a claim in the film. As a result of the controversy, the platform has chosen to slightly modify the synopsis of Cuties.

However, the Cuties poster launched by Netflix has also caused controversy by showing girls wearing little clothes and posing in a sensual way. Nothing to see if we compare it to the original poster of the French film.

The film Cuties will be released on Netflix on September 9, 2020. Even though the social network commotion is based on the premise that the platform will remove the film and boycott it, it is enough that something causes controversy to provoke the opposite effect and it ends up being one of the most watched films, as it happened not long ago with 365 days, the controversial erotic film of Netflix.

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  1. I think it is just an artificial polemic fed by the chain itself to create expectation and for many people to see it.

    If you don’t like what you’re seeing on Netflix lately, just unsubscribe; it’s that simple.


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