Bill Gates predicts when normal travel will be possible again


Entrepreneur and Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has once again made a prediction, but now he has pronounced himself on when we will be able to travel normally again. Gates’ predictions are taken very seriously given that the American philanthropist has been right on numerous occasions about vaccines, the end of the pandemic and the arrival of the pandemic, as he predicted five years ago.

The exact date is unknown, but he has declared that it will be necessary to wait until 2021 to achieve normality in the global movement. Gates explained at an event held with the new application for iOS devices, Clubhouse, and picked up by NewsWeek, that it will be “sometime in the year 2022” when tourism normality is resumed.

Some factors, such as slow and uneven vaccination, play a significant role in the late return to normalcy as it was known prior to the pandemic. Gates declared that although “in the United States the supply situation is good, as in other developed countries”, he once again stressed “the importance of vaccines reaching all the countries of the world equally and not only the rich nations”. In addition, he indicated very seriously that “in global travel, care will have to be taken until sometime in 2022 because of the inequity in the supply of vaccines”.

Gates stressed that although he personally is already vaccinated, he will continue to carry out the measures, “I will not stop wearing a mask and I will be especially careful with people who have not been vaccinated”.


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