Why is illegal abortion so dangerous?


According to the latest research of the World Health Organization, about 45% of all abortions are unsafe. Along with this worrying fact comes the information that up to 13% of maternal deaths every year result from this procedure.

Now, you probably think that this isn’t happening in your country, but somewhere far away. Well, you’re mistaken. In fact, there is a large percentage of illegal and unsafe abortions within developed countries. First of all, let us clarify what do we really mean by illegal abortion.

What Is An Illegal Abortion?

Most illegal abortions are performed under unsafe and unhygienic circumstances. A procedure like this needs to be completed in professional abortion clinic. Not to mention that your doctor needs to own special medical equipment like the table, ultrasound, and other medical instruments. The procedure itself must be done under completely sterile conditions.

There is a large percentage of illegal and unsafe abortions within developed countries

Why Do Women Choose This Option?

Unfortunately, illegal or unsafe abortion can be the only acceptable solution for young women. It’s probably hard to understand that we do not all have the same opportunities even today, and we are not entirely equal, mostly if we talk about money. Without money, it’s impossible to do this procedure at the clinic, so women need to find another way. Also, have in mind that somewhere else, abortion can be illegal, for example, in Africa. In most of the US, this is not the case.

There is the social influence that makes women insecure or even ashamed because of unwanted pregnancy. To solve this problem without going to the doctor and talking about it openly, women usually decide to deal with it alone. They find a place for illegal and unsafe surgical abortion or buy medications. Those medications from the black market are suspicious, less effective, and they can be dangerous. Going to the doctor is always the best option.

Complications of Unsafe Abortion

There are many severe consequences after these procedures, like serious infections or injuries. One of the most common results of unsafe abortion is multiple infections. Unsterilized conditions and medical instruments can cause serious illnesses, which can even cause death if left untreated. Following unsafe abortion, women usually experience injuries to the genital tract and other organs. Unfortunately, such injuries can affect fertility and reproductive health in the future. Also, if the procedure is performed by someone who is not an expert, there is a possibility of having an incomplete abortion. This means that there is still a piece of pregnancy tissue inside your uterus, and it’s followed by heavy bleeding.

Prevention And Control

Illegal and unsafe abortion can be prevented through sexual education in school, especially for teenagers. It’s necessary to mention all the contraceptive methods, including emergency contraception. If we apply this principle, the number of unintended pregnancies and abortions could be much lower. But, the most important thing is that going to the doctor is always the best solution.


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