Left or right: why does it matter which side we choose to sleep on?


A restful and continuous sleep, without nocturnal awakenings, is essential to be rested during the day and thus maintain our performance and ability to concentrate. In this regard, when it comes to sleeping, each person has his or her preferred position. There are those who choose to sleep on their back or stomach, and also those who prefer to sleep on their side. But which is more beneficial?

A study published in The Journal of Neuroscience reveals that sleeping on the side is the most beneficial for the body and sleeping on the stomach is the most detrimental to health. In fact, there are more vulnerable people who may be more affected by sleeping posture, such as those suffering from insomnia, pregnant women and people with sleep apnea.

In this regard, researchers argue that the best posture for pregnant women is on the left side because it facilitates blood flow and the passage of gastric flows without pressure. Thus, one of the advantages of sleeping on the side is that it relieves tension in the lumbar area and is the best recommendation for a restful sleep.

On the other hand, sleeping on the back is beneficial to avoid heartburn or stomach reflux and the spine will rest relaxed and in a natural position.

So, on the left or right side? Experts argue that sleeping on the left side is more beneficial for aligning the spine by avoiding blood pressure and glymphatic drainage. In addition, it may be the best alternative to facilitate the digestive process.

This position is the healthiest for body alignment and for those who suffer from lower back pain as it is a neutral position. It prevents the weight from falling on this area and decreases the chances of presenting any respiratory difficulty.


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