Miami Beach declares state of emergency for out-of-control spring break parties


Miami Beach was declared in a state of emergency this Saturday due to the large crowds that formed during spring break.

Thousands of partygoers clustered in the streets, without respecting the sanitary measures that recommend keeping two meters distance between people and always wearing masks, caused a curfew to be established from 8 p.m. onwards.

“At night, there is no doubt that it becomes a place that seems to be out of control,” acknowledged Dan Gelber, the mayor. “You see things that you realize shouldn’t happen and that no community should have to put up with.”

City Manager Raul Aquila claimed they were “overwhelmed” at the crowds that resembled a “rock concert.” “You couldn’t see the pavement and you couldn’t see the grass,” he said.

However, the restrictions didn’t stop the party from continuing this Saturday. Miami Beach Police had to go all out Saturday to try to break up the large groups of tourists partying in the street in defiance of the new curfew.

The police intervention resulted in pushing, shoving, running away and several arrests.

The limit for being on the street is 8 p.m., but at that hour, the Art Deco Historic District, one of the most popular and festive areas, quickly filled up with people celebrating Saturday night with alcohol and music.

Officers had to intervene to close the venues that remained open and disperse the crowd.


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