What are the possible causes of the building collapse in Miami?


At 2:00 a.m. Miami time, a 12-story building located in the Surfside vacation area collapsed leaving one person officially confirmed dead, although local media already put the death toll at at least 3, 99 missing and 35 people rescued alive. The causes of the collapse are still unknown.

The authorities have ruled out that the collapse of the building in Miami was a terrorist attack. So far what has been confirmed is that the roof of the building in question was under construction. In addition, it is known that the entire block was being supervised and that renovations were needed.

The building that collapsed was built in 1981 and on the plot next door another block was being built, but at the moment it is not possible to say if this was the trigger for the tragic event. Police and firefighters are working around the clock to try to rescue survivors from the rubble, such as the child who has been found alive and has been able to get out on his own feet.

The mayor of Surfside, Charles W. Burkett, expressed to the media his astonishment at what happened: “This kind of thing does not happen in the United States”. In the county where the building collapsed, construction standards are very demanding due to hurricanes, in fact there are several neighbors who admitted that at first they thought it was an earthquake.

Burkett told local media that such a collapse “is less likely than a lightning strike”.


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