Free but really good PC games


When it comes to deciding which title to play on your PC, you are going to have a hard time with the wide variety of video games you will find. There is something for everyone, whether MMORPG, card games, multiplayer shooters, free to play or even tank simulators (we know you’ve already figured out one from the list).

That’s why we show you what are the best free games to play on PC in 2021. And don’t worry because you won’t have to pay anything to enjoy these options, some exclusive to computers and others that are also on consoles.

Dota 2

The perfect alternative to League of Legends, since it is practically a game with the same characteristics. Developed by IceFrog and Valve, Dota 2 is the sequel to the successful first game launched in 2003 and today has millions of players on Steam.

The theme and gameplay is very similar to that of League of Legends, although with a greater tactical component and learning curve.

There are a multitude of formations, tactics, schemes and skills that make Dota 2 a demanding but very satisfying game to ”learn”, and it has the advantage that you can face any champion without paying money or accumulating energy.

There is an optional monthly subscription that gives you access to a game assistant and a Battle Cup amateur tournament, but it is not necessary to enjoy the title.

Dota 2

Genshin Impact

One of the great phenomena of the past 2020 and one of the best free PC games you can play in 2021. Genshin Impact is a free JRPG that is available on PS4, iOS, Android and of course PC.

MiHoYo’s title allows us to freely explore an exciting world, with an aesthetic that reminds us of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, while we face enemies in a real-time combat system, level up and unlock skills.

Although some microtransactions are included, they are very scarce and are not necessary to enjoy Genshin Impact. However, you will have to “grind” many hours to make your character a legend within the game universe.

You can also play an interesting story mode whose plot will hook you for hours and hours of gameplay. It will come to Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Genshin Impact


If you are not convinced by the League of Legends proposal, don’t worry, because Riot Games also offers you an intense online multiplayer shooter, based on Counter Strike, under the name of Valorant.

Influenced by the success of Destiny, this shooter recycles the formula of Bungie’s game to offer us frenetic battles with a strong tactical component and a sense of companionship.

Valorant is one of the great sensations in Esports events, and we assure you that learning to play it is one of the best sensations you can experience on your PC.

You can now play it for free, ideal for those nostalgic for Counter Strike or Team Fortress.


World of Tanks

El simulador por excelencia de tanques es una gran opción si quieres jugar en tu PC de forma gratuita, aunque también hay otras alternativas similares como World of Warplanes y World of Warships.

En World of Tanks controlamos a un tanque de guerra, recorriendo escenarios míticos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial y otros conflictos, mientras planeamos nuestra estrategia para derrotar a otros usuarios.

El juego para PC es totalmente gratuito y no es necesario pagar para disfrutar de él, aunque el modelo premium de pago nos da acceso a mejores tanques y algunos modelos personalizados.

Sin embargo, en World of Tanks lo más importante es tu experiencia y tu valía al mando de estos gigantes de la ingeniería bélica, así que la mejor opción es practicar, practicar y practicar.

World of tanks


If you do not want to scratch your pocket to buy the popular Blizzard’s Overwatch, Paladins is the best alternative and also totally free for PC.

This online multiplayer shooter inherits the ”hero” formula of the aforementioned title, with a multitude of special abilities for each character, in addition to the different weapons and varied scenarios.

Paladins offers 5 vs. 5 matches, with more than 40 characters to choose from, but keep in mind that each one has its own exclusive abilities, so use them wisely.

It is not necessary to pay to enjoy the game, although the Season Pass adds skins, weapons and allows you to play with the 40 champions from the beginning, without having to unlock them.


Star Wars The Old Republic

BioWare is an expert in creating RPG worlds for the Star Wars saga, something they proved with both Knights of the Old Republic.

With The Old Republic we find a proposal more focused on online play, although you can play alone for free and discover the fascinating story that pits the Old Galactic Republic against the Empire of the Sith.

Set many years before Episode I: The Phantom Menace, in The Old Republic we will create our character, choosing our favorite race, and can discover a multitude of planets and systems, some seen in the movie saga, interacting with NPCs, defeating enemies and more.

The only bad thing is that the title is in full English, but it is one of the best options to play for free on PC, especially if you are a Star Wars fan.

Star Wars The Old Republic


And if cards are your thing, then there is a clear and indisputable choice: Hearthstone. Blizzard’s game with characters from World of Warcraft is still very popular to this day, regardless of whether we play it on PC or mobile. And of course it’s still free to play.

Hearthstone is turn-based in which each player must play the best cards from decks consisting of a total of 30.

Although it is an apparently simple game whose mechanics we can learn in just a few minutes, it stands out for its enormous complexity and great variety of available strategies.

Hearthstone has reached an enormous popularity, and it is one of those games that is common to come across in esports tournaments. Will you give it a chance?



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