Is a major blackout possible in Europe?


The Austrian government foresees a general blackout for Europe for an indefinite period of time. Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner herself pointed out that the debate should focus on when this blackout would occur, not on whether or not there will be one: “The question is not whether there will be a major blackout, but when,” she said.

A member of the Armed Forces warned during a public event to raise awareness of the danger of a blackout that was held on September 30 in the city of Tulln. Austria is preparing for an indefinite power outage scenario and describes the possibility as a “real risk”.

Austria has launched an information campaign on the possible power blackout in Europe: “What to do when everything stops”. From the Austrian Ministry of Defense, a series of recommendations for what to do have been published on the web.

Europe night satellite
The Austrian government warned of the possibility of a blackout in Europe for several days

The Austrian military reported in 2017 the threat of a possible coronavirus-like pandemic. They insist that the same data analysis process that was used to forecast the pandemic is the one used to forecast this potential blackout.

Experts expect a blackout within the next five years. According to the country’s federal Army, check the power supply, check if neighbors or people close to the house have also been affected. Check the internet connection, telephone lines, if you can make calls.

The devices that would be affected by this blackout are the following: Telephones, Internet, ATMs, payment systems, traffic lights, tunnels, transport, elevators, elevators, elevators, and more elements that are connected.

They recommend from the web, that if this exists, it is advisable to establish a common or meeting point, especially with children. It would also be advisable to know first aid and ensure food and drink, other basic products for a few weeks.


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