Ideas for a stylish bathroom


What’s the point of following the crowd when it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity cabinet? If the idea of sticking to plain white cabinets puts you off, you’re not alone. Below, you’ll see some of the most unique bathroom vanity cabinet designs out there. From zany colours to unexpected materials, you’ll be sure to walk away with some ideas to get started on your bathroom makeover.

Use Barn Materials as a Bathroom Vanity

Speaking of unexpected materials, did you ever think of using a cow trough as a piece in the bathroom? Probably not. A New York design firm created this look when they transformed a dairy barn into a guest cottage. This design cleverly repurposes some of the barn’s material to create a truly unique look. It also preserves a piece of history of what the cottage used to be.






Groom Yourself on Wheels

Here’s another example of repurposing unexpected materials. For a super whimsical and fun design, an old (but sturdy) bike could serve as a vanity. You obviously won’t have much storage room with this idea—aside from the bicycle basket—so consider having other storage options like shelves or wicker baskets in the bathroom as well.






Get Creative with Wooden Barrels

Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, don’t just install a sink into a barrel without doing your research first. As these barrels are real oak, they must be properly sealed and finished to withstand a humid environment like a bathroom. This idea is perfect for anyone who wants to renovate a small bathroom or powder room.






Tall Cabinets for Extra Space

There’s no shortage of space with these larger than life cabinets. Not only are the glass-front doors an elegant twist to the bathroom vanity cabinets, they provide much needed storage options for a household. Install a large, ornate mirror to pair with the towering cabinets.







Use an Old Buffet Table as a Vanity

Maybe you’ve grown tired of the buffet table in your dining room, but consider this before you toss it out. You can actually repurpose it as a bathroom vanity cabinet. With a little TLC and a fresh coat of paint, you can revive that old buffet table in no time. This design ties in a bright, country vibe with its powder blue cabinets.






Add Glam with Dresser-Style Vanities

At first glance, you might not even realize that you’re looking at a bathroom vanity here. With the dark wooden doors and light fixtures, this bathroom looks like a chic bedroom. Create this modern and glam bathroom design with a light colour scheme and patterned wallpaper.




Modernize the Bathroom with a Floating Vanity Cabinet

Those who like modern furniture and fixtures probably will like this idea of floating bathroom cabinets. It’s sleek, simple and practical. Keep the space underneath the cabinet open and free, or take advantage of it to add even more storage options.







Be Bold With Colour Choices

A bright, bold colour reinvigorates any old bathroom immediately. There are a few approaches you can take when working with strong colours. Choose a piece in the bathroom, such as the cabinets, to be the focal point and keep walls and floors neutral in colour. For folks who don’t mind a bolder and busier look, lay down a colourful pattern wallpaper to tie in everything together like this design here.





Make Dramatic Combinations

Dramatic choices such as a rich colour and graphic overlay for the cabinets will grab anybody’s attention immediately. Balance the vibrant cabinet with a simple countertop and minimalist mirror.








Browse Around Thrift Shops & Yard Sales for More Inspiration

Many of these designs involve repurposing furniture or unexpected materials. Browse around second-hand stores or garage sales to find antique dressers or buffets. By rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands a bit dirty, you can create a totally unique vanity that no one else would have. The best part is that you can usually buy these pieces at a reasonable price. The size of your budget definitely doesn’t have to limit you from having a jaw-dropping vanity.


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