What Makes a Cat the Best Type of Pet?


There has always been a debate about whether cats or dogs make the best pet. While arguments from either side are often fruitless in their attempts to convince the other, each raises great points about why cats and dogs are so popular. Dogs are excellent companions, of course, but they require more hands-on attention than cats. This is just one of the reasons that cats make the best type of pet.

Cats Are Affectionate

When dog lovers claim that their preference is more justified because dogs show greater affection than cats, they are not wrong. Cats can be timid and reclusive at times, unlike many dog breeds that actively seek out social time. This doesn’t mean that cats aren’t appreciative of affection or capable of returning it. Since cats are small, it takes some time to build trust. Once trust is earned, cats are more than happy to spend quality time with people. If you prefer a pet that adores you unabashedly, perhaps a dog is more suited to you. However, a cat will love you and enjoy your presence in a calmer, gentler way.

Cats Demand Respect

The ability of a cat to reinforce its own boundaries so consistently and honestly is something to be admired. Your cat will not let you stay in the dark for long if you’ve displeased them. While this might be off-putting to some potential pet owners, it is, in fact, a bonus. The clearer your pet can communicate with you, the quicker you learn to understand them. This means that after a couple of missteps, you will know what your cat does and doesn’t like.

Cat stray feral

Cats Are Easy to Care For

Like all pets, cats require caring and attentive owners. They need appropriate food, shelter, and healthcare, such as the expertise of easyvet.com. However, compared to almost every other type of pet, they are incredibly low maintenance.

  • Cats don’t require enclosures that need frequent cleaning, unlike guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, and other small rodents.
  • Cats are easy to toilet train, whether they use a litter tray or go outside.
  • With outdoor access, cats can entertain themselves, get exercise, and even hunt for their own food if they want to.
  • Cats can sleep almost anywhere and don’t need an elaborate space set up for them.
  • Cats are solitary animals, and you don’t need to feel guilty about only having one. This saves money on twice as much food.

Cats Are Good For Your Wellbeing

The warmth of a cat sitting on your lap and expressing its contentedness by purring is a huge mood boost. Stroking soft fur and having a living creature to care for are great ways to improve your mental wellbeing. Since cats are so easy to look after yet still require love and attention, they are the perfect pet for someone dealing with low moods or ill health.

While it’s unlikely that these points will convince everyone of cats’ superiority as the ultimate pet, they do highlight just how enriching and enjoyable having a feline friend can be.


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