This website is just an experiment.

First of all, I respect the author’s right to decide whether their creation can be published or not so you can’t see here copyright protected content (text, music, movies or anything else).

I’m just collecting post of bloggers who give their content under a Creative Commons license. That’s why you always can see a link to the original article/post under the title and the name of the author (if he/her added it to the source).

And what’s then their benefit?

There is around twelve millions of active websites and twenty seven millions of active blog accounts (there’s seven times this numbers of sleeping domains and blogs). To share is a free way to promote the content. Maybe not the only nor the best, but if you don’t have deep pockets, the web is becoming a hard site to be known yourself. This is a way to gain readers, links and spread your words all over the Internet.

As stated in the T&C of this website, if the owner of a website or blog doesn’t want his content to be published here, just has to contact me when he has changed his copyright policy.

There’s no troubles with the Google’s duplicate content policy?

Not at all. You can see under the title of every article a link to the original text with the anchor “View the original article’s source”. The articles published here will always rank under the original post in the Google search results or, directly, most times the article at Lukor.net doesn’t appears there.
If you think the Google algorithm is smart enough to detect a duplicate page between a zillion documents, don’t you think is smart enough to determine what is the original content if the text in Lukor.net has a so explicit link to the source?
Let me explain it with an example: the Google spider finds three identical documents: the original, the one in Lukor.net and another one illegally scraped in a third website. The ranking algorithm just gets a sign to determine the first one to let out in the search results: the link in Lukor.net is pointing to one of them with the anchor “View the original article’s source”. Do you still think Google engineers are stupid enough to do not give credit to a link like this one?

Do you want to talk about it?

Contact me in my G+ profile, please; do not hesitate to ask me anything you want to know about this website.