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Ekkehard Ernst, Chief of Macro-economic policies and job unit at the UN International Labour Organization (ILO), says the manufacturing sector does not stand to profit most from AI, at least not in developed countries, and will not suffer the forecasted demise. The jobs more likely to be impacted are inContinue Reading

While many economists assume the “invisible hand” theory influences markets, new research finds a disruptor has turned this long-held concept—which Adam Smith introduced in 1759—on its head. The disruptor does not have anything to do with technological advancements or innovation like one might expect—in fact, it’s much simpler. It’s aContinue Reading

The latest edition of its Tourism Highlights, published on Monday, shows international arrivals reached 1.323 million last year. The figure represents an 84 million increase over 2016, and a new record, with the sector also recording “uninterrupted growth” in arrivals for eight consecutive years. Europe and Africa led the regionsContinue Reading

Workers in open office seating experience less daytime stress and greater daytime activity levels compared to workers in private offices and cubicles, according to a new study. That greater physical activity at the office is related to lower physiological stress during after-work hours outside the office, researchers say. This isContinue Reading

While many factors are at play, we can blame our brains—at least to some degree—for our poor saving habits, according to a new study. The average American working-age couple has saved only $5,000 for retirement, while 43 percent of working-age families have no retirement savings at all, according to aContinue Reading

Professional women have strong reasons to ignore recommendations that urge them to have a more visible presence at work, according to a new study. While research has shown that visibility in the workplace is critical for professional advancement, the reality is that for some women, it’s easier said than done.Continue Reading

Giving men a single dose of testosterone increased their preference for higher-status goods, new research finds. The work supports previous findings that connect transient increases in testosterone levels to a rise in behaviors aimed at boosting social rank. In the animal kingdom, males of certain species possess flashy ornamentation thatContinue Reading

An incident of fraud in food production can change consumer behavior toward all brands that produce that kind of food, according to a new study. The study, in which researchers tracked the impact of food fraud by an extra-virgin olive oil brand in Italy, shows that the value of productsContinue Reading