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Immediate rewards may boost motivation more than waiting to reward yourself until the end of a task, according to new research. In a new study, Kaitlin Woolley, assistant professor of marketing at Cornell University, found that giving people an immediate bonus for working on a task, rather than waiting untilContinue Reading

Does your boss empower you to make your own decisions? Or are you stuck with a micro-manager? New research from Gavin R. Slemp and Lara H. Mossman at the University of Melbourne identifies the best ways for bosses to foster motivation—and it’s not through overseeing every little thing. Here, SlempContinue Reading

Consumers are using less and less cash to pay when shopping. This is being replaced with credit card purchases, as well as a few other choices such as mobile payments. Today, not accepting card payments is a significant limit on sales. However, this may leave you wondering why so manyContinue Reading

Picking the right insolvency practitioners is an important decision for your business. There are many reasons why company owners seek help and advice from professionals such as insolvency practitioners, they can help you liquidate your company or restructure your organisation to improve its profitability. If you wish to hire theContinue Reading

People who are tolerant of ambiguity—a kind of uncertainty in which the odds of an outcome are unknown—are more likely to cooperate with and trust other people, according to new research. “…we try to predict other people without ever having full access to their ‘hidden’ states.” Tolerance of ambiguity isContinue Reading

Traditional marketing channels are usually too costly for small businesses running on a tight budget, but with the internet, you can still market your business without breaking the bank. In fact, as a small business, you should focus your marketing efforts online if you want to make any headway inContinue Reading

Pretty much everything in life worth doing comes with a degree of risk. Ecommerce stores have a unique position in the consumer world. Some aspects make starting an ecommerce business less risky, such as lower overhead. Others, like the potential for fraud and hacking make it more dicey. The goodContinue Reading

Too many deadlines—such as upcoming appointments—makes us less efficient with our time, research shows. People facing upcoming appointments, meetings, tasks, etc., perceive they have less time than they actually do, an eight-test study shows. In addition, these boundaries result in people performing fewer tasks, and make people less likely toContinue Reading