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Workplace injuries

There you are, wandering through your workplace with the careless air of the contented employee. Your workplace might be filled with loose cables, sputtering machinery and more potholes than a gopher-infested golf course, but at least you’ve got a decent wage in your pocket. But soon it won’t be allContinue Reading

London business people

Bulldogs, Prime Ministers and jellied eels – London is the capital of more cultural artefacts than Las Vegas. But while it is a tourist hotspot, it’s anything but a cheap place to run a business. Indeed, the living wage is higher in the capital, rent prices are exorbitant and travelContinue Reading

Euro in Lithuania

While Greece is near the exit door and the prophets of the doomsday are predicting the immediate collapse of the european currency, Lithuania enters the eurozone and sends the litas, its loved independent currency, to the history’s books. Is it because the stability of the currency? Due to the commercialContinue Reading

Investment gap in Europe

Europe fears a stagnating economy and is looking for solutions to maintain the economical growth in the long term with a new plan based in infrastructures and increasing money’s ability to reach investment opportunities across the continent. According to European Commission estimates, taken as a whole, the proposed measures couldContinue Reading

Graduate girl by Symic

Time is the villain of every would-be student’s story. Its demands are infinite. Its rewards are few, and balancing precious seconds between the classroom and the boardroom often seems impossible. Every moment belongs to a career, not coursework. Those wanting to climb the corporate ladder, however, shouldn’t dismiss postgraduate studies.Continue Reading

What is the difference between heavyweight and lightweight construction? As the name suggests, heavyweight construction typically involved the use of heavy, dense materials such as brick, concrete, tiles, mud brick…etc. By contrast, lightweight construction uses lighter materials as structural supports with less mass content, such as timber, light steel, fibreContinue Reading

Outline: Selling a house is not a cake walk. There are many things that you have to keep in your mind in order for you to ensure that things go properly and smoothly. When you make a note of everything, it becomes easy for you in the process. Selling aContinue Reading