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Fashion houses went from having two collections a year and now feature six or more. The middle-market fashion brands or fast fashion companies put out new items every week. There are more garments to go through than ever before in history, and this choice is actually hurting our ability toContinue Reading

Buy fingerprint jewellery if you want something unique. To have it, you need a mould of your fingertip or that of your loved one. Designing silver fingerprint jewellery is not easy. There are a lot of steps involved in doing so. To create the mould, a special moulding putty isContinue Reading

  The difference in appearing cool or not can hinge on something as simple as a smile, new research suggests. Caleb Warren, assistant professor of marketing in the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management, has spent his career trying to answer the question: What makes things and people cool?Continue Reading

If you have never worn a bespoke suit – and hence have never ordered one – it can seem like a rigorous process, perhaps not even worth all the effort. Novices usually also think that it’s expensive and reserved only for the rich or the elite. Luckily, in the worldContinue Reading

In this infographic it goes through different types of rings. Medieval, during the medieval period gold and gem-set jewellery was so rare that is was only reserved for royalty, nobility and high ranking clergymen. Please see the infographic for lots of different ring designs such as Tudor and Stuart. ThisContinue Reading

This infographic will show you some great winter clothing trends. These trends range from huge coats to keep you warm during the cold season to stylish tees. A great stylish piece of clothing for this season is a duffle coat. Bridging the gap between formal tailored overcoats and bomber jackets,Continue Reading

Engagement photos are some of the most important that you will ever take, which makes posing for them a challenging task. After all, you want the photos to represent you and your partner perfectly, and the photos will be passed down for years to come (no pressure!) But don’t worry,Continue Reading

We’re about knee deep in the middle of summer! If your wardrobe hasn’t caught up to the season, it’s time you start looking at your closet a little differently. Surprisingly enough, the first step to refreshing your wardrobe for the summer starts with taking a good, hard look in theContinue Reading