We’re about knee deep in the middle of summer! If your wardrobe hasn’t caught up to the season, it’s time you start looking at your closet a little differently. Surprisingly enough, the first step to refreshing your wardrobe for the summer starts with taking a good, hard look in theContinue Reading

Kate Moss is a model who cannot be categorised, who exists in a world that is hard to imagine without her. At 42, she defies the typical longevity of a model’s career, showing no signs of slowing down. Discovered at the age of just 14 in 1988 at JFK AirportContinue Reading

Summer Party Girl

Summer is just around the corner and although the weather is a bit hit and miss, we can still be excited about the prospect of some long, hot summer days to look forward to. For me, summer is the best time of year. Instead of wrapping up in multiple layersContinue Reading

Elegant tall man

While most people wouldn’t associate fashion with large, grizzly bear-like 250-pound men who stand over six feet tall, a lot of big and tall men pay more attention to the clothes they buy than people of any other body type. Fortunately, if you’re tired of looking around hopelessly at theContinue Reading

As one of the top designers on the planet, Michael Kors is a brand that is synonymous with luxury and a unique must-have style. If you want to enhance your look for day or night, the right accessories from this designer will definitely be the most effective way to makeContinue Reading