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Between 1940 and 2009, the number of US births to unmarried women increased from about 4 percent to nearly 41 percent. New research investigates whether celebrities have contributed to that shift. In 1992, former Vice President Dan Quayle criticized the sitcom character Murphy Brown’s decision to have a child outContinue Reading

Children of divorce are less likely to earn a four-year or graduate degree, according to a new study. The study is one of the first to look specifically at divorce and graduate education. Susan Stewart, professor of sociology at Iowa State University, says it is important to understand this relationshipContinue Reading

As their name suggests, SIP panels are engineered and high-performance panels that serve as an alternative to the more conventional method of construction that utilises insulation as well as framing lumber. They generally consist of a rigid and reliable layer of insulation that is sandwiched in-between two structural surfaces andContinue Reading

Patterning and spatial activities like playing with blocks are simple yet powerful activities through which preschoolers develop early math skills, according to new research. A 4-year-old lines up colorful blocks in a row: red-red-green-red-red-green. Her teacher encourages her to replicate the pattern using soft toys: bear-bear-monkey-bear-bear-monkey. Another child uses blocksContinue Reading

When it comes to predicting who is most likely to act in a trustworthy manner, one of the most important factors is the anticipation of guilt, according to a new study. In the study, researchers identify a trait predictor of trustworthy intentions and behavior. They also provide practical advice forContinue Reading

Using coercion to get your kid to eat healthy foods doesn’t really have effect, good or bad, on their weight. But it can cause meal-time tension and damage the parent-child relationship, a new study suggests. Researchers set out to answer several questions: Should parents pressure kids to eat, and whatContinue Reading

For the past decade, I’ve worked as an endangered language activist, working to preserve and promote my ethnic language, Circassian. Over that time, I’ve figured out how to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to learn a language, cutting it literally in half. I know I’m not theContinue Reading

New research reveals a special neural signature associated with touching a baby’s lips. It’s an indicator of how soon infants’ brains begin to make sense of their own bodies and a first step toward other developmental milestones. A typically developing 2-month-old baby can make cooing sounds, suck on her handContinue Reading