People who cohabited had less wealth compared to those who never lived together before marriage, a new study finds. The gap in wealth grew significantly for those who cohabited multiple times. Money or debt can be a common reason for this decision, but there may be long-term financial implications toContinue Reading

Every kid loves Santa. They wait patiently the entire year for Santa to come and visit them with his reindeers and sleigh. They find him so magical and communicating with him would really be a fantastic experience. Writing a letter to him is not as easy as it may seem.Continue Reading

It is a sad fact that every year around 100,000 families find themselves unable to keep up with the mortgage payments, or secured loan payments and find themselves facing repossession of their home. There are many causes, such as losing one’s employment, sickness, or possibly a relationship or marriage hasContinue Reading

If you are the head of the family or a parent, you always have a tension in your mind regarding whether your family is eating healthy or not. Almost everyone knows about the important role that nutrition plays in maintaining the overall health of your family. However, at the sameContinue Reading