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She’s a singular figure at a key moment in American music. By mid-century the major styles of African American music—jazz, gospel, blues, rhythm & blues—had gained a strong cultural and commercial presence. Same with African American pop singers and classical composers. What’s new about people like Ray Charles and ArethaContinue Reading

The realm of Westeros, ruled by a hereditary monarchy with no constitutional checks on its power and plagued by a multilateral civil war, is almost totally devoid of the conditions required for a status of Free, according to a report released today by Freedom House. The report, which assesses politicalContinue Reading

When people hear about vacationing in New York, they immediately conjure up thoughts of the big, bustling city. They see in their minds-eye sights like Broadway, Times Square and to indulge in the exquisite cuisine that makes up New York’s trendy restaurant scene. However, there is more to New YorkContinue Reading

The authors of a new book on long-term relationships have some science-based advice for maintaining a solid partnership. Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build Love That Lasts (Tarcher Books, 2018), from husband-and-wife team James Pawelski, a philosopher and professor of practice in the University of Pennsylvania’sContinue Reading

Where Did It All Begin? In the early days of flying, a new craze was born amongst thrill-seeking airmen. In the aftermath of World War I, the United States government sold off a number of aircraft at a bargain price, giving rise to a new class of daredevil pilot referredContinue Reading

Summer is always a time for getting away from the stress of school and work, and instead focusing on ways to beat the heat. While the majority focuses on traditional activities such as swimming, visiting new places, and hanging out with friends, here are some of the more interesting thingsContinue Reading

While most teenagers dream of being a lead guitarist, a high paid electro DJ or a singer dancing around on the stage Mick Jagger style, a smarter approach might actually be to consider a rhythm instrument like the bass guitar, or drums. The reason for this can be explained throughContinue Reading

In today’s society, it is traditional for a couple in love to get engaged, with a goal of getting married, as a way for them to show how committed they are to each other. They vow to spend the rest of their lives with one another, protecting each other, enjoyingContinue Reading

A new study suggests ways college sporting venues could exceed the standards of “zero-waste” operations and achieve greater environmental benefits. The study is based around analysis of waste and recyclables during the University of Missouri’s 2014 home football season. Officials at collegiate sporting venues have been leading efforts toward zero-wasteContinue Reading