There is a long-standing belief that musical scales arose from simple harmonic ratios. But scientists are proposing a different source: the mistuning of the human voice. The Greek mathematician Pythagoras found that plucking a string at certain points produced pleasing steps similar to the progression heard in musical scales—Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do. ScalesContinue Reading

If you want to win an Oscar it is best to be an American actor in a film that portrays American culture. That is the conclusion of a paper published today, Sunday 5 February, in the British Journal of Psychology by Dr Niklas K. Steffens from the School of PsychologyContinue Reading

This infographic will take you through the greatest Christmas adverts from the years 1996 to 2016, this infographic includes your favourite adverts such as the famous Coca Cola advert “The Holidays Are Coming” from 1996 and M&S’ advert “Not Just Christmas Food” from 2006. Please see the infographic for someContinue Reading

  This guide on making the perfect cup of coffee was provided by A1 Coffee, but remember this isnt the only way to make a perfect cup of coffee. Everyone is different, some people prefer theirs with a bit more flair, personally I like my coffee with just a bitContinue Reading

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and everyone is searching for the perfect gift. Whether you are loaded down with cash or you are just trying to eek out a few gifts, finding the ideal gift for those you love is incredibly difficult. Many Americans have taken up water sports in recentContinue Reading

With Christmas fast approaching you are likely taking a look at your list of people you need to buy for and scratching your head trying to come up with the perfect idea. Why not try something a little different this Christmas and make a variety of handmade gifts to giveContinue Reading

Delicious desserts

Your first thought regarding coconut water might not be using it as an ingredient in cooking. The versatility of this ingredient is often overlooked. Anything that you would normally add water to is likely to become smoother, creamier and more delicious with the replacement of coconut water. Smoothies, ice cream,Continue Reading

HBO Go, with the right VPN, can make you look at things from a different perspective. Great content should be viewed and enjoyed vociferously. Yes, you can watch HBO Go in Canada. HBO Go is going to be available to you while you are on the go in Edmonton. ThereContinue Reading

Just when you think you’d heard it all, some weird and crazy fact comes along that leaves you dumbfounded. Some are funny and some not-so-funny, but one thing they all have in common is that they are all little known tidbits of information that somehow seems to have slipped throughContinue Reading