The news about a dilling campaign of Royal Dutch Shell in the Arctic in 2015 has raised a lot of red flags around the world. While we, the people, just can give away our opinion in social networks (and wait until next elections), some organizations have a clear and strongContinue Reading

MH370 flight radius

The mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has continued to haunt searchers – an international contingent of experienced rescuers and scientists who have been persistently seeking answers on behalf of victim’s families, the airline itself and a concerned public. The cartography of the search is of particular interest – understanding the obstaclesContinue Reading

Arms Trade Treaty

Although most naysayers can think this is just another useless piece of paper the Arms Trade Treaty is another historic step of the Humankind in the same level of the conventions of Hague about war and Geneva about war crimes and refugees. The Arms Trade Treaty will try to cutContinue Reading

European researchers

The European Commission has launched his new program to incentive mobility across the european borders between researchers. While have a salary in other country is not difficult at all, it can be pretty hard to receive all of your retirement rights if anyone has worked in a few countries. Now,Continue Reading

Dead elephant

World Wildlife Fund issues 10th edition of “The Living Planet Report”, a science-based assessment of the planet’s health, just to reveal that half of the wildlife has disappeared in the last forty years. Between 1970 and 2010 populations of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish around the globe dropped 52Continue Reading